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Lake Erie Beachglass Adjustable Ring

Lake Erie Beachglass Adjustable Ring

This adjustable gray sea glass ring is handmade with Lake Erie beachglass that I beachcombed.

- wirewrapped with copper wire that won't tarnish. 

- This silver plated ring band is easily adjustable to fit.

The sea glass is well tumbled and really seems to glow! 

In case you are wondering, sea glass that is found near Lake Erie is often called beach glass to differentiate it from ocean tumbled sea glass. It is very similar, has a smooth, opaque surface tumbled by the waves. 

Sea Glass is rare due to the use of plastics instead of glass bottles, recycling, and all those sea glass collectors. Consequently, genuine sea glass is valuable and there are fakes out there that are claimed to be real sea glass. Often, they are in rare colors like orange, turquoise, and red and are priced very cheaply. All Lucky Sea Glass Jewelry is created with sea glass personally beachcombed around the world.

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Lake Erie Beachglass

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